Studio Eva Schwab is located in Berlin Schöneberg 4 minutes walking distance from S Südkreuz. Studio visits by appointment only.
Studio Schwab Presents

Studio Schwab Presents is a new exhibition format by invitation spanning 3 days featuring one artist invited by Eva.

Next Up
Joanna Buchowska
with "La Causeuse"
at Studio Eva Schwab

Painting with Paper
"Each picture is created by putting several layers of paper on top of each other – mainly torn-outs from magazines and transparent papers of various types and colours. The coarseness and fragmentary nature of the paper particles, along with the construction of the image through an open process of sticking on, tearing off, rearranging and, if required, painting, guarantees that every composition is impregnated with a high degree of liveliness. Yet nothing in these images seems deliberately damaged or smoothed out. Besides paper, Buchowska uses pencils and water-based paints such as acrylic, Indian ink, tempera and COPIC markers. The surface of the image is finished off with matt lacquer coating."

—Christoph Tannert