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11 May—
1 June 2023

Austellungshalle 1a, Frankfurt am Main

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Space Shift Stories - Raumverschiebungsgeschichten is a collaborative ongoing exhibition project that seeks to foster a deep and meaningful artistic dialogue between three artists - Isabel Friedrich and Eva Schwab from Germany and Celina Jure from Argentina. The project aims to facilitate networking opportunities and pave the way for joint exhibition projects in the future, building on the connections forged through this shared experience. (...) The purpose of the project is to explore the perception of space and one's own space, the experience of new structures and changed habitats. Influenced by different cultural and political backgrounds, the artists intend to expand their horizons of experience, circumscribe these themes in conversation and lay a foundation for later invitations to other artists that will provide their input on this complex weave of themes. Through their distinct practices, the artists explore space shifting, a concept that delves into the idea of transformation and change in the physical and metaphysical aspects of space. The exhibition takes viewers on a journey of discovery and contemplation, inviting them to question their relationship with the environment and the world around them. (...) Together, the works of Jure, Friedrich, and Schwab create a unique narrative that prompts the viewers to reflect on their own experiences of change and transformation. Their works capture the fleeting moments of transformation and growth, reflecting on the impermanence and fragility of the built environment and challenging the boundaries of physical space by creating a sense of movement and transformation. Space Shift Stories - Raumverschiebungsgeschichten transcends borders, uniting the perspectives of three idealistic artists from different corners of the world through the experience of connecting in new and improvised spaces. (...) Carolina Alvariño, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, excerpt from the text space shift stories, April 2023